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We are submerged in a culture which has become completely obsessed with consumption, and as the bottom line keeps getting bigger, the age of exposure keeps getting younger.  It is a culture where exploitation is not only accepted but encouraged – A culture where the path to fulfillment is paved by the almighty dollar and in pursuit of it, all is permissible.


When our children grow up and begin to imitate the behaviors popular culture and modern marketing bombard them with, the result will be generations of individuals who can more easily disconnect with moral and ethical obligations to each other and ultimately to themselves. 


The result is tragic.

Art is the distillation of emotion into physical form.  It is a universal language that crosses borders, races, creeds, continents and time.  The power to imprint on the brain is tied to emotional connection. Joy, sorrow and fear know no boundaries. Anger follows no one leader. Laughter is not separated by class.  When a work of art is remembered it is because it is a reflection of us all.

We are more fulfilled as human beings the more we understand each other.

Understanding is the result of honest communication.


Honest communication begins when we can identify with something.


We can all identify with the emotional experiences inherent to the human condition.


When we reflect upon those emotional experiences through art, we

foster a continually deeper and broader understanding.

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